Air Transport Auxiliary

Anything to Anywhere

The Tail End Charlies ATA Section aims to display the history of the Air Transport Auxiliary. To anyone unfamiliar with the ATA it was a civilian organisation who took on the demanding roles of ferrying aircraft and delivering vital supplies throughout the war. It only existed for the duration of the war and was unique in the UK in that its pilots were both male and female.

The section aims to show the ATA as one of the later mixed pools would have been with male and female personnel interacting on the same level. We also have the ability to show not only the ferrying role the ATA is most famous for, but also to discuss and display forgotten or unknown aspects of the service. This includes its logistical nature, its own training pool, or even the Overseas Flight which saw one ATA reach as far as Cairo.

We have a substantial knowledge base about the ATA backed up by original research, photographs and accounts from the time; we’ve trawled through many documents at museums and archive offices over many years to get this information together and own most of the books on the subject.

Our uniforms and flying gear are all as authentic as it is possible to be with a gap of over seventy years since the ATA closed down – this is something we feel has to be done to show the service at its best. We’ve been invited previously to display at prestigious events including the RAF Cosford International Airshow, Duxford Battle of Britain Weekend, Yorkshire Air Museums ‘Against the Odds’ and ‘The Victory Show’. Many of these events we do alongside the RAF displays allowing the public to see the two services side by side.

We can pretty much adapt to any event in terms of history and displays.