RAF Regiment

Field Squadron

The RAF Regiment was formed on the 1st February 1942. The genesis for the Corps was the Armoured Car Companies of the RAF in the 1920s. The RAF Regiment was made up of Field Squadrons who acted as First Line Infantry units, Armoured Car Squadrons and Light Anti-Aircraft Squadrons who provided Airfield defence. They were based in every theatre from North Africa to North West Europe to Burma. Several Parachute squadrons were formed to assist in the capture of airfields. RAF Regiment Units were the first British Forces to reach Paris, amongst the first to Enter Brussels and Hitlers Successor, Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz was arrested by members of the RAF Regiment. They Fought with distinction and gained the respect of their Army colleagues.

The aim of ‘Field Squadron’ is to accurately portray members of the RAF Regiment. Beginning with representing members of a Field Squadron in North Africa and Italy, our intention is to branch out and start portraying other theatres and Regiment units in order to cover every role that the RAF Regiment carried out. We may even try our hand at some Ceremonial tasks! By portraying these units as accurately as possible we hope to remember the sometimes forgotten RAF Regiment.