How we do it

The RAF has a rich and varied history. Although we can’t portray it all we do cover many aspects of well known and lesser known moments of the last 100 years.

The Tail End Charlies offers many ways of putting across the story of the RAF. One of the main ways is through Living History. Here we recreate some of the more everyday scenes from history and bring the past to life.

Tail End Charlies Sections

As the RAF covers such a wide and varied range of subject matters, the TEC is loosely split in to sub groups or sections. This allows those who are interested in one particular subject to concentrate on that branch of the RAF and really do justice to any display devoted to it. Currently there are three main display sections.

The RAF Section

This is the main part of the Tail End Charlies and covers most of the day to day activities performed by the RAF. Below you can see some of the displays that we have at our disposal.

Air Transport Auxillary section (Anything to Anywhere)

Air Transport Auxillary

The ATA were responsible for ferrying aircraft between factories and airfields. The Tail End Charlies has it’s own ATA sub group “Anything to Anywhere” in order to give this important organisation the recognition it deserves.

The RAF Regiment Section (Field Squadron)

RAF Regiment

The RAF Regiment was formed in 1942. Initially tasked with Airfield protection, the regiment’s duties were far and varied. For more information about our Regiment section “Field Squadron” please click here.

The Displays

Fighter Dispersal

See Pilots and ground crew at readiness for action for more information on this display click here

Fighter Command Operations room.
Fighter Command Operations Room

Guiding the fighter pilots that were defending Britain was the men and women plotting the course of enemy bombers in the many operations room up and down the country. Our transportable version demonstrates the very important role played by these stations and in certain circumstances public are invited to have a go plotting aircraft movement.

Berlin Airlift
Berlin Airlift

In 1948 the world was one again on the brink of war with Russia. Whilst politicans fought to out manoeuvre each other the RAF and rest of the world flew around the clock to save Berlin who were caught in the middle. The TEC display highlights one of the biggest humanitarian relief efforts to have ever happened and the start of the cold war.

Kitbag Display
Kitbag Display – RAF on the move.

RAF on the move. Ever wondered how the rank and file moved around without aircraft? In this display the TEC shows you how.

Wellington Bomber Squadron North Africa
Whats next?

New for 2021. Travel with us to North Africa to see how the RAF dealt with the heat and sand as they took the fight to the enemy away from home.

This is only a small selection of what we can do. Why not contact us to see what we could offer you?