RAF Fighter Command


What is a Dispersal?

Before the war, Fighter squadrons parked their aircraft up in nice neat rows. While this looked very smart, it did mean that the aircraft were an easy target for the Luftwaffe bombers with just one bomb damaging or destroying many aircraft at once.

The answer was to spread the aircraft and their crews out. Often around the edge of airfields and making use of any natural features such as woodland to provide extra shelter. In some cases squadrons are dispersed to nearby flying clubs to minimise any damage from air raids. Crews were then given tents to provide shelter from the elements whilst they were on dispersal.

The TEC dispersal display

Here our Pilots and Ground crew stand ready for action.
The dispersal was an area of high high tension for the young Fighter command aircrew. Whilst they looked quite relaxed all of them know that
in minutes they could be fighting for their lives thousands of feet in the air.
Join the TEC crews as they relive the nervous wait on the ground and see how the RAF got supremacy of the skies during WW2.